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How to deal with dependencies in Agile Projects


Organizations with a high number of projects and associated issues need to resolve their interdependencies to succeed with agile execution. Download the whitepaper here.

Reduce Risks in an agile world

The challenge in agile projects is that, for instance, the software that you need to build up your supply chain in Brazil, has no fixed delivery date or may well be changed in scope while the software project evolves. Your supply chain team is building warehouses and may subcontract logistics companies to launch the service on day x. Your Marketing team is already excited to launch the marketing campaign once your company is ready to ship and service in Brazil. Marketing, Supply Chainand your Shareholders all need a date to launch a campaign or service while the agile team is changing scope and adapting timelines. It’s clear you have crossproject and intra-company dependencies.

This white paper is about managing those dependencies while still being agile and scrum.

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