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Meet people behind swarmOS

Meet people behind swarmOS

Dieter Weißhaar / CEO & co-founder

“In 1968 Apollo 8 flew to the moon. The whole mission was focused on the moon. But when the crew turned the camera around towards the earth, they gained a fundamental new perspective. That was game-changing. And that’s what we do with swarmOS: we provide a fundamental new perspective on your entire business. 

The idea grew to develop software for agile organizations, offering an interface that is easy to use and shows overview across all your companies projects. 

The swarmOS software makes your life as a Leader easier after leaving the plane with a jet-lag being able to immediately see that you are on top of your business.”

Tatiana Schauer / Marketing Manager & co-Founder

“swarmOS is a real life-saver: it simplifies the daily business of so many users in a company.

swarmOS Analyzer gives an overview of my projects from a bird’s-eye perspective. I can drill down and get specific insight to the most critical chains of the project. That’s what it’s about: In an interconnected business world, swarmOS is a lighthouse that guides me.”


Timothy Payne / Member of Advisory Board & co-founder

“There is a change from paper tape to green screens, client server, browser based internet computing and now everything in the cloud.

The next big shift is probably in working practices….. how can agile methodologies empower teams, help deliver solutions faster and better satisfy our customers? I help to communicate this to market: The concept of developing swarmOS to accelerate agile projects.”

Pascale Queva / CTO & co-founder

“Successful execution, and ultimately customers’ satisfaction, relies on teams being empowered to make quick and autonomous decisions on their delivered products and services; supported by real–time and targeted communication. Teams are better off when self-managed with all team members encouraged and supported to contribute freely; and in direct contact with the customer. 

swarmOS Foundation adds team management capabilities to JIRA software as well as automated creation of chatrooms for immediate collaboration between team members.  swarmOS Cockpit comes with a feature to survey the team members and report on a team mood score used by the team members to reflect and strive to improving their happiness and delivering quality.”

Matthias David Roebel / Member of Advisory Board, CEO MING Labs & Development Partner 

“As Dieter and Christian presented me their thoughts about expanding agile project management beyond just software development teams, I thought: Wow, that’s a tough one… There’s definitely a need for this, and if it works, it would be revolutionary… After showing me 3 different app concepts to be integrated into the Atlassian platform, I was convinced, that this will have success, if implemented from a user-centric perspective.”

Stefan Georg / Head of design & development team

“I no longer fear creating projects and setting up teams: I can recommend the swarmOS Foundation for guiding me along the tedious project creation flow and saving me time. I get an instant graphical overview with swarmOS Analyzer and can make informed decisions towards Project goals as well as resource planning.

The final tool that I like from swarmOS is the Cockpit which gives me a set of metrics that show me the business health of the projects. I can see are we on budget, are we on capacity, what is the mood of the customer, how does the team feel about it. And all of these metrics we didn’t have before. We can address problems before they become serious problems.”

Christian von Stengel
 / Co-Founder & Member of Advisory Board

” Ever since i have started my carreer as a management consultant with Roland Berger and sec. Partners i have seen a significant short fall in strategy execution. Next to many other reasons in many cases this was due to the world moving faster then the organisation could.

It was only since i came across AGILE as an organisational alternative that i felt companies have a method to keep up.

But to go there they need the right set of tools. That ́s why i started working on a solution that is now coming to market as swarmOS.

swarmOS – a set of easy to use add-on ́s to the world ́s leading infrastructure for agile project management. Jira. Designed for the business user delivering what they need…. ease of use … real-time data transparency … pre-defined logic to spot issues and take actions immediately. An environment that is fun to use and moves technology out of way of doing business.

Seeing these results as a Co-Founder of swarmOS…. I now do what I can do best: Encourage the swarmOS team to bring their services to life as soon as possible …. So why don ́t you also engage”


For more information on how to incorporate agile leadership into your organisation, please take a look at our white paper Using Agile Principles to Transform your Business Projects which you can download here free of charge.

By the way, if you want to get to know swarmOS, visit us at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose from the 12th to the 14th September 2017. You will find us at booth 235B.  We would love to meet you!