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swarmOS foundation


swarmOS foundation allows you to jump start your Agile Execution.
Easy, automatic configuration of your Atlassian Cloud instance for all your organization’s agile projects – use swarmOS best practices to go agile!



Project Wizard


Setup your Atlassian Cloud


Key features
  • Configure the platform with all workflows, screens, issue types, roles and permissions - nothing to worry about

  • Team Management - create teams and add members with specific roles

  • Get ready for project work within minutes based on preconfigured templates

  • Pre-configured Integration to Confluence and HipChat

  • Create Strategy, Business and Software projects with related Boards

  • Setup team and customer surveys to receive project feedback (see release plan)


With swarmOS Foundation its now easy to jump start your Atlassian and Agile Projects. Even if you’re an experienced administrator, you can now offer your business users an easy way to leverage your JIRA and Confluence instance and collaborate.

Agile Execution simplified – and the best is still to come – swarmOS Foundation is free!

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Easy to use

The swarmOS project configuration will guide you through a set of parameters that will allow your new projects to be configured automatically for JIRA, Confluence and HipChat applications. Within minutes you can jump start your projects and benefit from proven best practices. 

Business ready

swarmOS Foundation allows you to create strategy projects which describe your company’s strategy, goals, objectives and key results. The OKR methodology is used by companies like Google ®. You can then create Business or Software projects and link them to your company’s objectives and demonstrate their contribution towards your company strategy. Business workflows are already incorporated into the swarmOS Foundation setup. Agile Business Execution simplified.


By configuring your swarmOS project, the main integrations are pre-defined for you. The projects are linked to a confluence space for further documentation and requirement definitions. Collaboration is enabled through HipChat Rooms enabling chat with your teams. 

Team and Customer Surveys


Feedback is an integral part of the Agile approach. swarmOS Foundation comes with survey functionality setup which can then be leveraged by swarmOS Cockpit. A survey can then be easily setup from a predefined set of questions which are regularly pushed to your customer and teams, providing you with a team mood score and a customer satisfaction score after every sprint. (see Release Plan on Atlassian Marketplace)
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Teams and Members


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Team Management


swarmOS Foundation has its own Team Management fully integrated to Atlassian JIRA projects. For each project. you create and name your teams, assign Scrum Masters & Product Owners and roles to the team members. Along with the role assignment the permissions are already defined. swarmOS Team Management provides a great overview at the team level, which makes it easy to manage multiple teams’ projects.
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Define your teams

Define your teams across the company and by using meaningful names you can distinguish the expertise of teams across the globe. Team management provides you with great visibility of your team members assignments and the use of third party service providers as part of your teams.

Assign your team members

Assigning your users to each team is done easily within the team settings. In every project you find the team management button from swarmOS on your left menu and can act straight from there.

Roles & Responsibilities

Your teams are defined and team members are assigned. By selecting the right role per team member all permissions are set correctly. Nothing to worry about. swarmOS foundation is driven by the roles & responsibilities concept based on Atlassian standards. The most relevant roles are predefined for immediate use.

swarmOS Foundation launch in September 2017 for General Availability
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Get the free swarmOS foundation now!

With swarmOS you can rapidly adopt agile execution – jump start your agile execution and get setup in minutes by using swarmOS foundation. Get your free swarmOS foundation now.




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Automatic configuration of your JIRA instance

– Via the Foundation add-on installation and configuration steps – Automatic creation of all issues, workflows, screens, permissions schemes – Supports the new features in your swarmOS projects: 'Escalations of issues', 'Teams', 'Surveying team members', 'Enhanced dependencies links', 'Milestones', 'Risks' and many more.

Project Configuration

– To configure your swarmOS projects - easy to use – Integration from JIRA to Confluence and Hipchat – Board configuration – Scrum and Kanban projects

Issue Type definitions

– Milestones – Escalations (Escalations on critical issues from the project team) – Budget Escalations (Escalation on critical cost items) – OKR Issue types – Budget & Cost rate definition

Strategy, Business and Software Project setup
Workflows & related Screens

– Escalation workflows – Approval workflows

Team Management

– Roles – Permissions

Survery Functionality

– Team Mood Survey Results – Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


...with swarmOS Foundation, Analyzer, HipChat and Jira





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