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swarmOS cockpit


swarmOS cockpit creates a perfect multi-project overview. 
Visualize the most important information on your projects and take action right from your cockpit.



Project Overview


Get clear project overview

Managing a portfolio of agile projects made easy and get all critical success factors at your finger tips. Successful agile project management made executive ready.


Key features:

  • Manage your Project Portfolio
  • No critical fact missed to stay in control
  • Capacity, Cost, Scope, Logged time, Versions and timeline all in place
  • Red Escalations straight from the overview
  • Detail Drilldown just one click away
  • Drive Actions from your own Cockpit by chat and comments
  • Compare your most important projects
  • Get Team and Customer Mood

A single source of truth across your whole organisation reduces efforts on executive reporting needs. 


Cloud or Server Version – Click here for the Release Plan.

Execute your strategy with swarmOS. Find the Quick Start Guide here.

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Time and Budget

swarmOS cockpit estimates the costs of your teams compared to your project budget as well as the backlog compared to your teams capacity by version or for the project.  Stay in control on time and budget. 

Critical KPIs

Critical information is highlighted such as deliverables with high dependencies, escalations from your teams, missed milestones or large changes in the project scope to start communication or take action. Nothing to miss.


Review the Project details and start collaboration straight from the cockpit by chating with the team or product owner who has the business responsibility. Lead straight from the cockpit.

Project Portfolio


You can easily drag and drop the projects you want to monitor on your personal cockpit. swarmOS Cockpit let you focus on your most important projects. All access is based on your role and permission.

The project list view let you compare your projects and provides a fast way of spotting critical projects.

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Contextual help


Contextual help at every screen makes the swarmOS cockpit easy to use and creates an intuitive user experience. From Product Owner to Executive everyone will make this the the place to work from.



Finally swarmOS Foundation and cockpit raising a survey to your customer and teams after every sprint to provide you with the customer satisfaction score and the mood of your teams. Get the inside to your projects and early indicators.
You have all hard and soft facts on your project at your fingertips. Easy to use.
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Project Detail View


Project detail view


Project Detail view will provide a deeper dive into the key parameters of your most important projects. You see the escalations, milestones, cost, capacity, logged time, survey results and the development over time at one place. The visualization highlights the critical information immediately. 
You can start communicating with the team or go straight to the JIRA issue for further action.
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Backlog vs Capacity

Your open project backlog estimated in points will be compared to the capacity of your teams towards the end of your project. This allows you to estimate if your timeline and scope of version or project is realistic. A drill down by team points you to any specific skill shortages.

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People Cost

Like most companies need to estimate spendings even if you run in Agile Mode, swarmOS Cockpit provides you with a great inside to the people cost you have spent so far and the estimated run rates towards the end of your project and compare to budget. You stay in control of your project.

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Satisfaction Score

Feedback from your teams and customers provide you early indicators on the health of project, the mood of your teams and the satisfaction of your internal and external customer. Closing the feedback loop enables constant learning and improvement. 

Get swarmOS cockpit now

With swarmOS you can rapidly adopt agile execution – an approach which has been leveraged by the likes of Amazon© & Tesla© to develop new businesses, platforms and markets across the globe and to challenge existing industries and business models. Get your free trial of swarmOS cockpit now.




Expand List

Project Overview

– Project Name and Description – swarm Lead / Product Owner - Customer – HipChat integration to key stakeholders – Most Impactful Chains (highest dependencies of project issues) – Drag and Drop of your most favorite project cards


Escalations on critical issues from the project teams they can't solve on their own

List view

...of all projects and key KPIs

Budget Escalations

Escalation on a critical cost items

Capacity vs Backlog

Team Capacity left over to manage the open backlog by version or project

Cost Estimate compared to Budget

People cost spent and estimated to spend compared to budget set


List of milestones missed and to be met

Change in Scope

List of biggest drops or addition in scope

Contextual help

...on every screen


...of Escalation, Milestones and Budget issue types for Business Projects

Survey Functionality

- Team Mood Survey Results - Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Logged Time

- Visualization of logged time per sprint and team - Visualization of estimated time per sprint and team


In Project Detail View KPIs trends are shown over time

Drill down single JIRA Issue and act


...with swarmOS Foundation, Analyzer, HipChat and Jira - Chat straight from Cockpit with your team





Service Desk


Knowledge Base