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Agile Business Execution simplified!


swarmOS Add Ons for Atlassian Jira and Confluence enable you to get the big picture across projects and the ability to analyze your potential risks – easy to use and fast to deploy.
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Foundation allows you to get your Atlassian platform ready for the first project in minutes.
You get additional features like full team & capacity management, escalation workflows, roles & permissions and surveys.


Jumpstart and standardize Atlassian project work with additional features to make your teams succeed based on best pratices
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Cockpit creates management dashboards with real time information like escalations, capacity, cost, logged time, change of scope and survey results.
Don’t waste time on executive reports any longer and get your team a tool to manage a portfolio of agile projects in a single dashboard.


Stay in Control of your Atlassian project portfolio and take action right from the Cockpit.


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Analyzer visualizes all of your Jira issues across multiple projects in a single view.
Have you ever looked into a long Jira backlog and wondered if you missed something out or spotting a dependency?


Visualize, Analyze and Manage your Jira projects to spot all dependencies, critical resources across projects. Enabling the next level of sprint and project planning.
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Try swarmOS now for free

swarmOS software can be bought and downloaded straight from the Atlassian Marketplace. Try it for free.


We are swarmOS


swarmOS is a team of people from the software industry with a lot of experience in software and business projects. We like the agile approach and have used it intensivly to succeed delivering projects.


See our video about the founders of swarmOS:




swarmOS enables your teams to jump start your agile collaboration on the Atlassian Platform. Easy to usefast to adopt – with a great user experience. Automated Configuration ensures immediate return on investment. swarmOS dashboards visualize the most critical issues in your projects and enable fast and easy adoption of the agile approach. 


The innovative technology used in our Analyzer add on enables you to analyze critical bottlenecks in or across your Jira projects from a people or time perspective. We are an Atlassian Marketplace Partner. Read our Cookbook on how to execute your agile projects.


Read our Cookbook on how to execute your agile projects.



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