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Agile Business Execution – simplified!



With swarmOS you can rapidly adopt agile execution – an approach which has been leveraged by the likes of Amazon©, Tesla© & Google© to develop new businesses, platforms and markets across the globe and to challenge existing industries and business models.
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Analyzer and Cockpit with new versions on server and cloud!

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swarmOS enables your teams to jump start your agile collaboration on the Atlassian Platform. Easy to usefast to adopt – with a great user experience. Automated Configuration ensures immediate return on investment. swarmOS dashboards visualize the most critical issues in your projects and enable fast and easy adoption of the agile approach.

The Innovative technology used in our Analyzer software enables you to demonstrate the link between your strategy, goals, objectives and the contribution of your projects. Further, it allows you to analyze critical bottlenecks in or across your Jira projects from a people, time or budget perspective. We are an Atlassian Marketplace Partner.


Read our Cookbook on how to execute your agile projects.

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swarmOS foundation makes Agile Execution simple. It guides you via a setup wizard which is easy to use and understand. Within a couple of minutes your Atlassian platform is ready for use and you can jump start your projects. All workflows and settings are deployed based on swarmOS best practices. Team Management is part of swarmOS Foundation and makes it easy to setup your teams and manage roles and responsibilities. swarmOS Foundation will be provided to you for free. Just try it.
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swarmOS cockpit creates a perfect multi-project overview. Visualize the most important information on your projects, start communication and take action right from the cockpit. Lead your agile project portfolio.
Key Features of swarmOS Cockpit:
  • No critical fact is missed - stay in control, e.g. on timeline or budget

  • Drilldown to the most important issues, e.g. team capacity or escalations

  • Chat with your team members

  • Drive actions

  • Run customer and team surveys

Executive views of the most relevant information are fully aligned and no time is wasted with synchronisation or explaning different views. Product Owners and Scrum Masters get alerted to your critical items such as risks, milestones, escalations, overwhelmed teams or high dependencies.

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Innovative technology driven by network graph databases allows you to visualize and analyze your Jira projects and the relationships between all relevant items. Demonstrate how your strategy is linked to your goals and objectives and how your project deliverables and stories contribute.


Understand which of your critical project issues have high dependencies on other items across projects or which team members have too many issues assigned to them. You can create your own filters on top of the swarmOS business queries to answer all kinds of important questions to drive the success of your projects and ease your sprint planning

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Get Agile Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership by swarmOS. It is free and we share it on our blog here.

Step by Step Guide on going Agile

Get our Agile Cookbook. Download the latest cookbook here.

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